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App Educational Consulting LLC abides by the principles of good practice of the Higher Education Consultants Assoc (HECA), the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) and the Independent Educational Consultants Assoc (IECA).  Fees are calculated by package and hourly rates.


  • Virtual College Planning--Skype, Face Time, Phone
  • Creating comprehensive packages grades 9-12
  • Developing timetable for test prep, college research and visits
  • Assessing student's academic and personal strengths
  • Providing computer software to track college planning
  • Creating portfolio of best fit colleges based on student data
  • Introducing students to lessor known, strong colleges
  • Sharing knowledge gained from consultant's college visits nationwide
  • Matching colleges to special student talents and needs
  • Working with special populations: LAX players, LD/ADHD, 2E students
  • Conducting mock interviews to prep for admissions interviews
  • Prepping student for interviews with support services (Disability Services)
  • Matching college support services to specific student needs
  • Teaching student self-advocacy skills critical for college
  • Guiding student with keeping early application deadlines
  • Guidance with college applications
  • Guidance with essay edits (not composition)
  • Providing resume support
  • Interpretating/analyzing diagnostic testing for learning disabilities
  • Helping organize student’s college file
  • Help family understand student positioning during application process
Joy App
College Consultant

Houston, Texas