Applying for college today is such a daunting task for both parents and students. A friend recommended that we contact Mrs. App. At our first meeting, my wife and I were immediately impressed with her knowledge of the application process, and she put us at ease. Her monthly newsletters are informative as well as the guest speakers she brings in for her students and parents. We would highly recommend Mrs. App to families who are looking for a caring and knowledgeable professional to help during this stressful process. Thanks to her, we had a relaxing and restful Thanksgiving holiday with all applications complete!--Parent of Engineering student

 I had no idea what looking for a college entailed and that starting the search before my son's junior year would be necessary. The detailed knowledge, information and professional relationships Joy has with colleges all over is incomparable. We are thankful she is walking us through each step of this process!--Parent of high school student athlete

The college application process with App Educational Consulting is AWESOME and EASY!
We have used Joy for all four of our kids.  Each time was unique, and focused on their individual needs. Joy works independently with them through each step ..essays, resumes, application, finances,correspondence and deadlines.   Parents are kept in the loop without the stress!
We give the highest recommendation to App Educational Consulting!--Parents of students attending Texas universities

We could not have done all the preparations for college admissions without Joy. Such a stressful and hectic time for our daughter (and her parents!). Her knowledge of the process and expertise in navigating the system was invaluable. Joy's familiarity of our daughter's strengths and weaknesses and patience throughout each stage helped her chose a school that perfectly suited her needs.--Parents of  grad student
I don't know how we would have made it through the college application process without Joy!  She took the pressure off of the parents, and worked one on one with our daughter.  She knows what each university is looking for in an applicant.  Happy to say that our outcome was awesome! I highly recommend Mrs. App, and we will be using her again.--Parent of University of Texas student

Joy is a wealth of information.  She takes the time to know your student in order to suggest the "perfect" college match.  Her networking across the country pays huge dividends for her clients!  Our only regret is that we didn't utilize her services sooner!--Parent of U of Tulsa student

Thanks to Joy's guidance, wisdom and intuitiveness in the college selection process, our son is attending a university where he is thriving. She was always cheerfully available to answer questions and researched numerous universities to find a school that offered a learning style compatible to our son's strengths and weaknesses. She was a terrific support system during the entire process and we were thankful to find her!--Parent of Pepperdine University student

Joy App
College Consultant

Houston, Texas